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Colombian television is in mourning. On November 12, Alfonso Ortiz, the actor and director who had become the teacher of more than one generation of artists in the country, died. Ortiz died at the age of 73, victim of a heart attack, leaving those who were once his companions in productions such as “Queen of the south” Y “The end of paradise”.

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Apart from his career as an actor, Ortiz founded in 1992 the theater school Caja de Aplicaciones in the city of Bogotá, where he gave training to renowned actors such as Miguel Varoni, Flora Martínez, Angie Cepeda, Marcela Mar, Carolina Acevedo and Catherine Siachoque, the latter had emotional words for her death.

The actress thanking her first acting teacher Alfonso Ortiz. (Photo: Catherine Siachoque / Instagram)

“I will not tire of saying it, things are in life. Thank you Alfonso Ortiz, thank you forever, thank you for so much. Kisses to heaven. I will miss you”, he wrote, remembering that he was his first acting teacher.

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Other actresses who used her social network were Marcela Posada, who was his partner in fiction during his participation in “The end of paradise”. “If the people who have passed through your life remember you with love, gratitude and a smile, it is because your life had meaning and it was a successful life. Alfonso left us teachings, a good example, love, respect, an example of honesty. You were always an excellent stage partner and a generous and gentle teacher. You live in our lives and you will live forever in all the generations of actors that you embraced with the Toolbox Workshop. We love you”.

Marcela Posada was the partner in Alfonso Ortiz's fiction.  (Photo: The end of paradise / Instagram)

Marcela Posada was the partner in Alfonso Ortiz’s fiction. (Photo: The end of paradise / Instagram)

For its part, Estefanía Gómez, who played Vanessa in the same production of Telemundo, wrote on his Instagram: “Teacher who taught me from love, my first teacher and for many years, the one who saw me confused and took the trouble to accompany me, the one who gave me the strength to believe in my dreams. Thank you master, you leave a huge void. Always in my heart”.

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Carolina Gaitán, who played Catalina la medio, he could not hide his sadness either. “A great person is leaving, an inspiring being and very close to my heart. I applaud your life and thank you for your closeness, your generous words with me, your sweetness, your infinite passion for what we do and your eternal desire to transmit and share that passion to more generations. Standing applause. Have a good trip my Alfonso Ortiz. Until the reunion “.

Actresses of the telenovela posing with Alfonso Ortiz.  (Photo: The end of paradise / Instagram)

Actresses of the telenovela posing with Alfonso Ortiz. (Photo: The end of paradise / Instagram)


Alfonso Ortiz was born in the city of Bogotá in 1947. In the 1960s he became a theater actor after conducting a workshop with actor Kepa Amuchastegui. With this group he went on tour for several years and joined other theater groups such as La Candelaria.

He also appeared in television productions such as La vorágine, De pies a cabeza, Pobre Pablo, La caponera, La hija del mariachi, Los Reyes, Chepe Fortuna, The end of paradise and Theft of the century. His film credits include such films as Tropical Snow, Oedipus Mayor, Stadium Heist, Kalibre 35, The First Night, and Losing is a Matter of Method.

Ortiz founded the Caja de Aplicaciones theater school in the city of Bogotá in 1992 to prepare future actors.

The first week of November 2020, the actor was admitted to a Bogotá clinic after suffering a heart attack during the recording of a new television project in the town of Tabio, Cundinamarca. He died days later at the age of 73.

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In addition to being a recognized actor, he was also the teacher of several renowned actors (Photo: Alfonso Ortiz / Instagram)

In addition to being a recognized actor, he was also the teacher of several renowned actors (Photo: Alfonso Ortiz / Instagram)


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