Decathlon surprises with the best electric refrigerator on the market

As usual every summerthere is nothing better than enjoying a cold beer or soft drink, while we enjoy our loved ones a getaway to the countryside or a day at the beach. Without a doubt, this portable fridge what decathlon has put up for sale will be your must buy for this summer, since not even the most intense heat will make your food and drinks not stay cool inside.

The French chain is recognized in our territory for offering its customers a wide variety of products and sports equipment. Although facing the summer, Decathlon usually surprise your customers with the best items to get the most out of your holidays. Whether you go to the beach or camping, this electric fridge It should not be missing in the trunk of your car during this summer.

The coldest fridge on the market available at Decathlon

This product we are talking about is the electric refrigerator Alpicool C40. A device that has a maximum capacity of up to 40 liters and it has been designed so that you can use it in all the situations or experiences that summer can offer you, such as a car trip, a boat trip or a day at the beach sunbathing. Among its characteristics, it stands out for its ability to freeze without making ice or frost inside, since it has been designed to reach the -20ºC with the minimum consumption.

Alpicool C40 electric fridge for sale at Decathlon

This fridge works through the connection to an electrical network, such as that of your car, and thanks to its temperature function and three-stage battery protection system that will prevent your vehicle from running out of battery. Through your compressor high energy efficiency lgyou can connect this refrigerator to an auxiliary battery of 12 Vto a battery of 24 V like that of a truck, or to a light socket of 230V like the ones you usually find at campsites.

Designed for all your summer experiences

With it you can cool and freeze in a very short time, and you can select any of your two modes (Maximum or Echo) through your control Panel of digital screen. A fridge that has a smart system which will stop working when the freezer reaches the temperature you have selected, but will start again when it detects that the internal temperature has increased by several degrees.

If you are a lover of motorhome trips, you like to enjoy some drinks very cold and food preserved in perfect conditions, this electric refrigerator Alpicool C40 you can not miss during these holidays. Also, thanks to decathlon has reduced this product in a 12%you can get her for only 279 euros in any establishment of the French franchise or on its own website.

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