December 1, 1978: The Arlberg road tunnel opens

2023-11-30 23:12:00

On Friday, December 1st, the book of history records, among other things:

1783: The Frenchman Jacques Charles ascends in a hydrogen balloon with a companion for the first time in Paris and lands near the town of Nesles after a 43 km free flight.
1838: The first state-run train in the German Confederation, the Ducal Braunschweig Railway, runs between Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel.
1913: The Ford Motor Company introduces the assembly line into industrial production.
1918: The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes is proclaimed.
1933: The NSDAP is declared by law to be the “sole political organization of the German people.”
1943: End of the Tehran Conference, where Roosevelt and Churchill met for the first time and agreed on the division of Germany after the war.
1978: The Arlberg road tunnel opens.
1988: The Supreme Soviet of the USSR approves the constitutional reform desired by state and party leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
1993: Simon Wiesenthal receives the Cross of Honor for Science and Art, First Class, as the Republic’s first official award.
1993: The private German music television station VIVA begins broadcasting.
2008: US President-elect Barack Obama is appointing New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Obama is also sticking with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who already held this office under George W. Bush.
2008: The ÖGB committees appoint Metaller boss Erich Foglar as chairman of the trade union federation without a dissenting vote. President Rudolf Hundstorfer had previously left the government as Minister of Social Affairs. Rainer Wimmer takes charge of the metal band.
2013: Protests are escalating in Ukraine after the government’s abandonment of EU rapprochement policy. Within a day, around a hundred police officers as well as numerous demonstrators and journalists were injured in clashes. A vote of no confidence in parliament sought by the opposition a few days later did not materialize. The Ukrainian government is continuing its two-pronged policy: while on the one hand it is signing a multi-billion dollar cooperation agreement with Russia, on the other hand it continues to emphasize interest in an association agreement with the EU.

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Birthdays: Ernst Toller, German playwright (1893-1939); Morris, Belgian comic artist; Creator of Lucky Luke 1946 (1923-2001); James David Wolfensohn, US economist; 1995-2005 President of the World Bank (1933-2020); Hilde Drexler, Austrian judoka (1983); Zoë Kravitz, US actress (1988).
Days of death: David Ben Gurion, Israel. Founder of the state and first head of government (1886-1973); Sir George Hubert Wilkins, Australian. polar explorer (1888-1958); Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Eastern industrial manager; among other things, long-time CEO of Lufthansa (1947-2018); Carl Schenkel, Switzerland. Film director (1948-2003).
Name days: Oscar, Blanca, Natalie, Eligius, Otwin, Charles de F., Longinus, Edmund, Natascha, Diodor, Paulina, Arnold.

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