Deciphering the Genetic Code of Unique Woman Who Feels No Pain: Hope for Chronic Pain Sufferers

2023-06-02 02:53:25

Scientists at University College London are studying the case of a unique Scottish woman who does not suffer from pain like the rest of humanity.

According to a report published in the specialized journal “Brian” (the brain) The woman is 75 years old and has not suffered any kind of great pain throughout her life, and even major surgery and childbirth were not the same pain experienced by other women.

According to the magazine, very few people in the world have the same condition, which is called congenital analgesia, and it is a one-in-a-million condition that has multiple genetic causes that may come with other symptoms, such as excessive sweating or a lack of sense of smell.

Scientists at University College London are now studying its genes to understand how to turn off the pain pathways of the millions who suffer from pain associated with chronic diseases.Science Alert“.

Obviously, pain is a useful measure of damage to the body. However, pain that lasts for more than a few months is defined as “chronic pain” and Joe Cameron’s genes may hold the secrets to eliminating this suffering that affects the lives of many around the world.

Pain genetics at the university, James Cox, says that understanding what is happening at the level of her body may help in understanding its biology, which opens the door to discovering drugs that have positive effects on patients.

Cameron didn’t realize how different her life experience was from most other humans until she was 65, and scientists now hope to unlock the secrets of her unique cells.

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