Deddy Corbuzier Calls Mbak You’s Prediction as Provocation

JAKARTA, – Presenter Deddy Corbuzier call forecast from Ms. You about Indonesia in 2021 is a provocation.

In his prediction, Mbak You said that there would be riots, looting, and a change of president.

Deddy Corbuzier assessed that this prediction would only justify part of Indonesian society.

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“This is a provocation. It depends on whether the provocation is negative or positive. Nonsense of prediction, this is a provocation, people will feel justified when a riot occurs,” said Deddy Corbuzier angrily as quoted by from his YouTube video, Monday (18/1 / 2021).

Deddy Corbuzier emphasized that he had absolutely no problem with prediction if it was only for entertainment purposes.

However, he was forced to act and make a special video for Mbak You because his prediction could have a big impact on Indonesians.

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“As long as that goal entertainment please, but the forecast it’s a different thing. Predicting something and spreading it to the public is dangerous. Already, “said Deddy.

Deddy Corbuzier then suggested that Mbak You apologize for the upheaval caused by his predictions.

At the end of the video, this father of one child also asks his audience to stay smart in responding to the predictions from Mbak You.

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