Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation: Free Legal Assistance for Foreign Volunteers in Special Military Operations

2023-10-03 16:31:00

Foreign volunteers participating in a special military operation can contact the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation to receive free legal assistance. This information was voiced by the Chairman of the Presidential Foundation, Anna Tsivileva, answering a question from a URA.RU journalist during a working trip to the Sverdlovsk region.

“We don’t turn anyone away. Our profile category is demobilized people who are already leaving the armed forces and returning to civilian life. However, we decided that we would not refuse, including routing people who are now members of the SVO, including from foreign countries. I think that they have the right and opportunity to receive direction, advice, and legal advice within the walls of the foundation and its branches,” shared the head of the presidential foundation, Anna Tsivileva, with a URA.RU correspondent.

On October 3, the head of the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation, Anna Tsivileva, paid a working visit to the organization’s branch in Yekaterinburg. Tsivileva met with Northern Military District veterans and members of their families. Also, as part of her working trip, she visited the 354 District Military Clinical Hospital. In addition, Tsivileva met with social coordinators and held a closed meeting with the Ural Plenipotentiary Vladimir Yakushev.

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