Delta Cardboard Box Industry has new industrial manager

2023-12-21 21:14:41

Within the objective of promoting change to innovate and materialize productive excellence, Rodrigo Venâncio, who held the role of quality manager, will, from this month onwards, take on the role of operations manager at Delta Industria de Caixas de Papelão, where he has worked since 2018, but already has 15 years of experience in the sector.

With new challenges, the first task that the new operations manager sets himself is the new layout of the factory, where the main change, according to him, would be better use of the current physical space, in addition to dividing the stock of finished products and production (currently both occupy the same space).

“This way we will have an optimization of input and output processes, since until then we housed two departments in a single environment. The change creates more space for the factory. We believe that we will make 40% more area available for production, which will result in streamlining processes and more efficiency in meeting deadlines and needs agreed with our customers”, explains Rodrigo

Cícero Mario, commercial director of Delta Caixas de Papelão, says that in addition to quality and excellence in production, his main concern is meeting the delivery deadline established in the order. “The sector ends up facing variables and difficulties, to meet this customer requirement and the ISO 9001 Standard. At Delta, we work to achieve 100% efficiency within deadlines. For us, this is fundamental. And all the changes were made with this in mind,” he explains.


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