Dengue fever: 18 new cases in one week in 8 municipalities

After several weeks of stabilization, the number of dengue cases is on the rise in the department. 18 cases were reported in 8 communes from November 9 to 15.

The authorities have been warning since the beginning of the month that the return of the southern summer rhymes with that of the rains. The conditions would then be favorable for the development of mosquitoes and therefore for the spread of the dengue virus. They therefore fear a new epidemic wave in the coming months in the department.

18 new cases

After remaining stable, and relatively low, in recent weeks, less than 10 cases per week, the figures are on the rise. From November 9 to 15, 18 cases of dengue were reported in 8 municipalities on the island.

Those of Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Leu, Le Port, Les Avirons, Saint-Denis, Bras-Panon and Le Tampon are concerned.

Since the start of the year, nearly 16,000 indigenous cases have been confirmed and 22 deaths, including 11 directly linked to dengue, have been recorded.

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