“Dennis Schröder and the German National Team Gear Up for World Cup 2022”

2023-05-24 16:19:00

The World Cup is in three months, and we can’t wait. And apparently, it’s the same thing a little further north since Dennis Schröder is totally hyped to play with Germany. There won’t be a ring this summer for Dennis, might as well go get a medal.

Just boarded his plane for Cancun, Dennis Schröder has already booked the next one. Barely out of the Playoffs by the Nuggets, the German leader said he wanted to play the next World Cup with his country, this is good news for the Mannschaft. Not always taken seriously in the NBA, especially since he refused the Lakers’ huge kichta in 2021, Schröder remains a safe bet on the FIBA ​​courts. Winner of the bronze medal, which he accompanied by a good place in the five major at EuroBasket 2022, the Laker is the standard bearer of basketball across the Rhine.. And all we know is he wanna go get some trinket for the motherland.

“I want to play, for sure. I can’t wait to write a new story this summer. […] I’m ready.” – Dennis Schröder

One year after this third place at the EuroBasket, the Germans arrive at the World Cup ambitious and ready to reverse-engineer a group perfectly within reach. If the Australians are likely to be the biggest piece, Finland and Japan are targets in the ropes of Schröder and company. Unless of course Lauri Markkanen releases a mixtape with the Scandinavians. Accompanied by the Wagner brothers, soldier Daniel Theis and maybe even his friend Laker Austin Reaves to make the trip from the USA, DS has everything in hand to continue to delight our Germanic friends. Dennis the Malice in FIBA ​​mode, this generally promises a nice show.

Source texte : Basket News

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