Denny Sumargo Openly ‘Bed’ Life in Early Marriage


Denny Sumargo and his wife, Olivia Sumargo, made a surprising confession while guesting on Deddy Corbuzier’s Podcast. The statement shocked the public and is currently being discussed.

In a chat with Deddy Corbuzier, the man who is familiarly called Densu recounted the ‘bed’ life at the beginning of their marriage.

In the early days of marriage, Densu said he was not passionate about his wife and rarely asked her to have sex. Why?



“I’ve never told this story anywhere and this is the first time I’m telling about what happened. So in the first three months, I rarely touched my wife,” said Denny Sumargo.

Denny Sumargo admits his lust with his wife and other women is different. He admitted that he was confused about it.

“So my lust for my wife was different at the beginning of the marriage. I don’t know why it was like that in the beginning,” continued Denny Sumargo.

“So what are you getting married for if you don’t have passion and love?” asked Deddy Corbuzier.

“Because it’s worth it if you marry him. So when I first met him, I believed that where else would I find a woman like her in this era,” replied Denny Sumargo.

Until finally Olivia Sumargo protested with her husband. The two immediately had a big fight about it.

“So we had a fight, he protested because when the wedding was not in the bedroom during the night. So under my subconscious, I worked until dawn for three months of marriage,” explained Denny Sumargo.

Until finally after the fight, Denny Sumargo realized his mistake. He knows that his love for his wife is only 50 percent and the rest is lust.

“Yeah, I was just being realistic at that time, right, it wasn’t possible to be dating 100 percent, unfortunately. I even told him that I couldn’t love him at that time,” Olivia said.

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