Dentist Lee Soo-jin, third marriage breakup… “Gradually turning into a stalker”

2023-05-28 01:44:33

Dentist and influencer Sujin Lee recently revealed why she gave up on her third marriage.

Lee Soo-jin appeared as a guest on MBN’s ‘Speaking Up Show Dongchimi’, which aired on the 27th.


On this day, Lee Soo-jin was asked about the current status of her third marriage, which she announced during her previous appearance in ‘Dongchimi’. In response to the question, “Are the wedding preparations going well?”, he said, “Isn’t this going to be a bomb blast? did.

He recalled, “I received a marriage proposal in a month,” and “When I came out last year (on ‘Dongchimi’), it had been a month since we had been dating. Then, she confessed, “At the time (meeting), I was proposed to in a month, so it was so perfect for me,” and “truly, I knew I would get married soon.”

Lee Soo-jin drew attention by saying, “But Geumsa-pa left for just 100 days” and “It was so nice when we met once in a while, but as a lover and a husband-to-be, he was 180 degrees different from me.”

He also shared an anecdote, “Once before we were dating, when we were dating, the taxi record went to my brother by mistake.” Then he said, “After that, I had to call you when I opened my eyes after officially dating,” and “When I was busy going to work, there were times when I didn’t call before the treatment started, but it was a mess. He said, ‘You didn’t call me and went to work?'” gave He said, “I can do it myself, but he said, ‘I don’t know when you’ll be busy, so you call'” and “then I gradually stopped doing my job.”

Regarding the decisive reason for the breakup, “I was going to go on a trip to Gangwon-do with a female junior, but ‘You and your friend are going on a trip together?’ He said, ‘You can’t go on a trip without me for the rest of your life. He made me answer the phone and asked where he was, so he told me where he was staying, but he showed up at night,” surprising everyone.

Lee Soo-jin then confessed that she was disappointed with her ex-boyfriend, saying, “I showed up with sashimi, but I wasn’t happy with it.”

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In addition, Lee Su-jin said, “I waited in front of the house like a stalker, and even if my friend was there, I waited and asked when I was going, so I said, ‘Oppa, I think the door to my heart has closed for the 100th time.’ I didn’t want to be a person who spit out words, so I tried to get married somehow, but I said no.” Then, he received support by saying, “(This happened) my panic disorder got so bad,” and “I got better because I got out of trying to fit that person.”

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