Department of Medicine points out lymphoma common in Thai people self-observation advice

from the case Ing Ing Sitthinee Kittisitho The famous 90’s presenter died of lymphoma.

July 2 Dr. Somsak Ankasilp, MD. Director-General of the Medical Department The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) said that lymphoma is 1 in 10 of the most common cancers in Thai people. It is the fifth most common in males and ninth among females. Each year, there are approximately 4,300 new cancer cases and approximately 1,300 deaths, or 4 people per day.

“This type of cancer is found in all age groups and increases in incidence as we get older. Lymphoma is a cancer of the hematological system. or blood disease Often occurs with lymphatic tissue that is spread throughout the body, such as the neck, armpits, groin, forearm, crook of the leg, in the chest and abdomen, etc. The cause of lymphoma is unknown. But from the data, it was found that it was linked to heredity. exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer, such as pesticides including a reduced immune system, such as AIDS, organ transplants rheumatoid arthritis, etc.,” said Dr. Somsak.

side Dr. Sakan Bunnag, MD. Director of the National Cancer Institute added that Symptoms in the early stages often include enlarged lymph nodes. It is easily palpable in shallow areas, palpable, and may not feel pain, such as the sides of the neck, armpits, breasts, or groin. In addition, there may be other symptoms such as enlarged tonsils, night sweats, bloating, and spleen. grow up for unknown reasons In terms of treatment, it is necessary to consider the type of lymphoma, its stage, age and overall health condition of the patient. Treatment may consist of chemotherapy. and/or radiation therapy The team of medical specialists in each field will give advice to choose the most suitable treatment for the disease and condition of the patient.

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“Generally, patients with lymphoma diagnosed and treated at an early stage have good outcomes. have a chance to be cured of the disease and can return to normal life There is currently no method for screening for lymphoma in its early stages. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out for any abnormalities in your own body. If you find any abnormal symptoms, you should consult a doctor,” said Dr. Sakan.

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