Dependence: help to stay at home as long as possible

While more than 20 million French people are over 65 – including 9.3 million over 75 – but there are only 600,000 places in nursing homes, home support for the elderly is an essential issue. Panorama of help to stay at home.

Arrange your home. The National Housing Agency offers, under conditions of resources, financial aid for work to improve housing over 15 years old. It may be to replace a bathtub with a walk-in shower or to install an electric stairlift. Pension insurance, certain supplementary funds but also local authorities also offer measures to support the elderly with loss of autonomy.

Obtain human assistance. The APA, paid by the departmental councils, is intended for people over 60 with loss of autonomy. A team of professionals determines the level of dependency and establishes an assistance plan with an amount paid each month, which also depends on income. When the senior stays at home, the APA makes it possible to remunerate services of home help, carrying meals, but also supplies for hygiene or equipment (grab bars, remote assistance, etc.). If he is in residence, it partially finances the cost of the nursing home.

Pay less taxes. Like all other citizens, seniors can benefit from the tax credit if they call on home help (directly or via a structure) whether it is assistance in daily life (toilet, help getting up or going to bed, etc.) or for household chores (cleaning, gardening, etc.). If the elderly person benefits from the APA or other contributions, the tax credit only applies to the amount equal to the difference between the amount of the invoice and the amount of assistance received. It is equal to 50% of the sums spent up to the annual limit of 12,000 euros, increased by 1,500 euros per household member over 65 years of age. From the beginning of 2022, with the instant tax credit, access to these services will be facilitated because there will no longer be a need to wait a year before receiving it.

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