Deportivo Cali’s Victory in Betplay League 2024: Controversy with Fabian Castillo’s Expulsion

2024-01-31 01:31:41

Betplay League

The attacker entered the sugar bowl and then ended up leaving his team with one less.

Fabian Castillo
Photo: @asodeporcali


Futbolred Editorial

January 30, 2024, 08:31 p.m. m.

Deportivo Cali won 2-0 against Fortaleza on date 3 of Liga BetPlay 2024 and the team led by Jaime de la Pava took a breather by achieving its first victory this season, after a complex week in which there have been rumors of possible threats to the coaching staff.

The match in Palmaseca was not immune to controversies and at the end of the game there was an action that generated all kinds of comments, as Fabián Castillo entered for the second half to make his contribution in attack, but in the 90+1 minute it ended sent off after an unusual complaint to the fourth referee.

Castillo apparently said a word to Diego Ulloa regarding his physical condition and the judge did not hesitate to call center back David Espinosa, who ended up sending off the attacker for the offensive tone he used.

Now, we will have to wait for the referee’s final decision on the scoresheet and the true reason why he ended up off the field against Fortaleza.

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