Deportivo Independiente Medellín’s 110th Anniversary Shirt: Unveiling, Celebration, and Fan Reactions

2023-11-14 17:51:41

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A few days ago, the photo of what would be the new Deportivo Independiente Medellín shirt began to roll on social networks to commemorate its 110 years of history in Colombian Professional Soccer, as one of the most traditional teams in the country.

The shirt, which has the characteristic colors of the town’s team, is designed with a white background, accompanied by horizontal lines on the front and the traditional three lines of the Adidas brand on the sleeves of the shirt.

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But the most striking detail, according to Internet users, is that the shirt has one of the team’s oldest shields. One of the first that he captured in his clothing and that accompanied the team over the years.

This new edition of the dean is expected to be officially presented at the celebration event for the 110 years, which will be held at the Atanasio Girardot stadium this Tuesday, November 14. There, there will be different activities and the most notable is a match that will feature several of the figures in the team’s history.

The party already has confirmed figures such as David González, Aldo Bobadilla, Felipe Baloy, Luis Carlos Arias, Pelusa Pérez, Oscar Pareja, Christian Marrugo, Giovanni Hernández, Jackson Martínez, Germán Cano, among others.

A day that has a program for all fans who want to go to the stadium to be part of everything the club has for them and celebrate another year of the town’s team.

Likewise, the team published a short video during the last few hours on their social networks, to give a small taste of what the shirt would be like, however, in the tape you can see that it does have a certain similarity to the leaked photo.

For its part, the shirt has generated endless comments between positive and negative from users on social networks.

With messages like “Okay? She’s pretty”, “Beautiful!!!”, “Oh nooo, she’s ugly”, “I would take away her sponsorships”, “Tribute to the uniform of past eras that was black and white. Excellent”, “It seems very poorly designed to me, it should have had that bull’s blood color and that royal blue”, “It would have been with a polo collar like the one from 110 years ago” and “I don’t like it, I liked Puma better”, DIM fans demonstrated.

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For now the official price of the garment is not known, if the brand decides to follow its price line, it could cost around 300 thousand pesos, but the public hopes that to know this and other details, the 110 years shirt will be presented.

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