Despite disgrace status: Prince Andrew pushes back into the public eye

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As a Knight Grand Cross, Prince Andrew attended royal celebrations alongside King Charles and his siblings – uninvited. A scandal.

WINDSOR – Prince Andrew, 63, has made public appearances that can be counted on one hand in recent years after being relieved of his royal duties over allegations of sexual abuse – which he vehemently denies. Among other things, he attended the funeral of his parents Prince Philip (99, † 2021) and Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022), but was also with the royal family at the Christmas service last December König Charles III. (74) to see. Now he cheated for the first time again as part of a service followed by dinner as a royal among the 600 invited guests.

Andrew was not officially invited to the celebration as a Knight Grand Cross of the Victorian Order

At Windsor Castle, the festivities took place in St. George’s Chapel for the Royal Victorian Order. Loud The Sun The Duke of York was joined by King Charles, Princess Anne (72), her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence (68), and the Duke (59) and Duchess of Edinburgh (58), although he does not appear to be listed on the court circular was. Although Andrew was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 2011, some found it inappropriate to see Andrew in ‘royal’ robes as a royal. Was the outcast Andrew rightly accused?

A scandal for former MP Norman Baker (65), member of the Privy Council. He lamented: “Prince Andrew is doing everything to cheat his way back into public life. He’s just allowed to dress up as a king for a day when he’s supposed to sit out a long silence.” Ingrid Seward from the magazine Majesty said, “He’s a member, so they probably couldn’t stop him even if they wanted to.”

Royal Victorian Order – the British house order of Queen Victoria

The Royal Victorian Order (German: Königlicher Victorianischer Orden) is a British house order, which was founded on April 21, 1896 by Queen Victoria (81, †1901) and is awarded to people who are British monarchs or members of the royal family personally have served. These are mostly members of the royal household and court, but also family members, members of the armed forces and British diplomats who have organized a state visit.

Unlike most other orders and decorations in the United Kingdom, the Royal Victorian Order is not awarded on the basis of nomination by the Prime Minister, but is the exclusive right of award to the reigning monarch.

Order day is June 20, the day of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne, his motto is Victoria (Latin for “victory”). The Royal Victorian Order is sixth in the ranking of orders and decorations in the United Kingdom.

Source used: Wikipedia

“Prince Andrew is doing everything he can to cheat his way back into public life”

The disgraced Duke of York was forced to retire from public office in November 2019 after he appeared in a television interview with BBC Newsnight had discussed his connections to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (66, † 2019). Before the lawsuit in the US, Queen Andrew withdrew his honorary military posts, and he was no longer allowed to use the title “His Royal Highness” in any official capacity.

Royal siblings King Charles III, Princess Anne and Prince Edward took the disgraced Prince Andrew under their wing.  He was allowed to go to the Windsor party with 600 guests (photo montage).
Royal siblings King Charles III, Princess Anne and Prince Edward took the disgraced Prince Andrew under their wing. He was allowed to go to the Windsor party with 600 guests (photo montage). © Peter Byrne/dpa & PPE/Imago

In February 2022, the Queen’s second-born son settled out of court with Virginia Giuffre, 39, after she sued him alleging Epstein forced him to have sex with the king’s son on three counts when he was a minor. After that it became a little quieter about the father of two adult daughters. Andrew shunned the public, went horseback riding and took care of her corgis after his mother died. Despite the At the request of the king, the Royal Lodge to leave his estate next to Windsor Castle, Andrew stayed there with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (63).. Sources used:,

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