despite the Covid-19, property prices are on the rise

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For the past month, despite the pandemic, property prices have been climbing again in many cities, especially in medium-sized towns. The low number of properties for sale strongly contributes to this renewed dynamism.

Desire for space, the rise of teleworking … After a year of crisis, there is a rush for old housing and houses in the countryside. Real estate agencies are recording a record number of transactions.

In the former, the price increase is more marked for houses than for apartments, according to data from notaries and INSEE: 6.5% for houses against 5.9% for apartments.

Rennes, Nantes and Strasbourg

But Paris is no longer the locomotive of rising prices. It is medium-sized cities such as Rennes, Nantes or Strasbourg, but also houses in the countryside that attract buyers the most.

This trend could also continue beyond the summer, say specialists. On the one hand, because of the savings accumulated during the crisis. And on the other, because there are many French people who want to change their way of life. But the market is not expandable, which explains the rise in prices.


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