Despite the warning sign from afar, trucks still go up the ‘unstable bridge’ in Hanoi

Also according to a representative of the Hanoi Department of Transport, this truck then had to turn around and move in the opposite direction to get out of the overpass.

The truck had to turn itself right on the overpass in the opposite direction to exit the bridge.

Before that, information with PV PeopleAccording to a representative of the Hanoi Department of Transport, after receiving comments from the functional forces, from the beginning of November 2022, the unit has carried out a pilot installation of a warning system for oversized vehicles crossing the overpass. Tay Son – Chua Boc.

According to the Hanoi Department of Transport, this system uses an application of an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to analyze and process images by Camera. The purpose is to measure vehicle traffic, classify vehicles (trucks, passenger cars, cars, motorbikes), recognize vehicle number plates (cars) and warn vehicles that are oversized. through the bridge.

Specifically, the smart camera system will work by detecting, classifying and identifying trucks, oversized vehicles, passenger cars from afar, etc. Thereby, the system will directly issue warnings. by broadcasting images of vehicle control plates on electronic signs, which are installed right at the entrance and exit at both ends of the Thai Ha – Chua Boc overpass.

Thai Ha – Chua Boc Overpass is a lightweight assembled overpass that has been open to traffic since the end of April 2012. After being put into operation, the authorities have set up a system of signs to slow down, ban trucks, passenger cars, ban pedestrians and set limits and signs prohibiting vehicles with a height of more than 2.2m. traffic on the overpass.

However, after more than 10 years of being put into use, the overpass Thai Ha – Chua Boc often had problems when passenger cars, trucks… moved onto the bridge, collapsing the limited frame, causing traffic jams. traffic, traffic safety in the area.

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