Desta and Nycta Gina Reveals Reasons for Removing from Prambors

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of this and Nycta Gina open their voices about why they left the radio program Desta & Gina in the Morning (DGITM) Prambors. The decision was taken because of a number of considerations from each party.

While talking with Vincent Rompies, Desta said that his choice to leave the DGITM event was due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“So at that time there was an agreement between the company and the individual,” said Desta, quoted from YouTube VINDES which aired on Monday (6/6).

“Because yesterday’s pandemic had to let go, I think my two years are enough,” he added.

The reason Nycta Gina is different from Desta. He admitted that the reason for withdrawing from the Prambors morning program was because of problems with the management.

“The point is that during a pandemic, we have to sacrifice something, but there is a win-win solution,” said Nycta Gina.

Gina explained that the results obtained during the broadcast on DGITM were not commensurate with the contribution she made to the radio.

“Now it’s like we are giving but we don’t receive anything that benefits us. So, yes, we are giving, but we don’t take anything,” said Nycta Gina, which was justified by Desta.

“Some are taken but a little,” added Desta.

Vincent, who listened to the two stories, concluded that the reason Desta and Nycta Gina left Prambors was due to material problems.

However, this was denied by Desta who said that there were other problems besides money issues. Desta then concluded that the reason for leaving Prambors was because there was no harmony.

“If I fight for all employees, that’s for me. So, let everyone get what they deserve,” said Desta.

Meanwhile, Gina said the reason was not because of the employees. He admits that his consideration is more because he pays attention to his welfare.

“If Desta thinks about employees, I think it’s more for myself, because I have a lot of installments,” said Rizky Kino’s wife. has asked Vincent and Desta for permission to quote this statement.

In mid-February, Deddy Mahendra Desta or Desta caused a stir in cyberspace after deciding to resign as a radio announcer for Prambors. The news was delivered directly by Desta via his personal Twitter account.

In her upload, Desta stated that she was no longer an announcer on the Desta & Gina In The Morning (DGITM) program which was presented with Nycta Gina.

“Young people @Prambors. Personally I say goodbye to resign and withdraw all my votes from DGITM @Prambors,” wrote Desta.


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