Detroit Auto Show canceled for 2021

When the Detroit Auto Show is held for the next time, in principle in June 2022, it will be more than three years since the event will have been presented. Indeed, the organizers have decided to cancel the organization of the 2021 edition, postponed to the fall due to the coronavirus.

To make a bit of history, let’s recall that the last Detroit Auto Show took place in January 2019. At that time, we knew that the next edition would take place in June 2020. It was of course canceled on last year and now this year’s party is too.

The decision comes early in the year and is a bit surprising, because we can anticipate that next fall, with the distribution of the vaccine, the situation would have had a good chance of being brought under control, at least sufficiently to hold an event. Maybe not up to what the organizers want, however.

All is not lost for 2021, however, because the Show has nevertheless decided to hold certain events. These will be consistent with those of the Motor Bella which is scheduled for the end of September in Pontiac, Michigan. Originally, there was talk of a gathering mainly planned for old vehicles of Italian and British origin, but above all, of a party planned outside.

Here is Shopicar! All models of the year and all current promotions.

Manufacturers will be able to present new models and go there for product presentations. Days for the media are planned, just like others, for the public. The event is to be held from September 21 to 26, the last four days being reserved for the general public.

Half a Detroit salon, then? It looks like this.

Over the next few weeks, we will also be watching closely for announcements for other major auto shows in the United States, Los Angeles and New York. The first is scheduled for the end of May, the second for the last days of August.

If we had to bet on a trip, it would be that of Los Angeles which could be canceled in May to return to its usual place at the end of November. By this time of the year 2021, hopefully, we will have found some semblance of normal life.


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