Devastation in Baja California: Tropical Storm Hilary Causes Deadly Car Crash and Widespread Damage

2023-08-21 06:02:31

TIJUANA – The arrival of Tropical Storm Hilary in Baja California wreaked havoc in the region, including at least one death after a car crash.

The Fire Department confirmed this Sunday afternoon that at least one person lost their lives after a car crash in Tijuana. The deadly incident occurred between two cars in the area of ​​Gato Bronco and Alamar, authorities said.

The authorities indicated that one person was trapped, and another died in the incident. So far the current condition of the person pressed is unknown.

Site of a deadly car accident in Tijuana during Tropical Storm Hilary. August 20, 2023.

The cause of the crash will be determined by traffic experts, said the Tijuana Fire Department.

The authorities reported that they continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Development and Public Services to clean streams, channels and canyons.

The Municipal Welfare Secretariat informs that until 9:36 am, in the shelters there are:

22 people in the Temporary Shelter of the Andrés Luna Sports Unit. 25 people in Grandfather’s House, Primo Tapia delegation The government of Playas de Rosarito set up a third temporary shelter in the Santa Anita community.


On Senador Monzón street in the Obrera neighborhood in Tijuana, a dangerous stream formed this Sunday, where firefighters rescued two people that day.


Since at least Saturday, blackouts have been reported in different parts of Baja California and Baja California Sur, confirmed the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), to which personnel were deployed to help restore supply.

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“With all the protection measures, the CFE coordinates restoration activities and distributes personnel in the areas affected by Hurricane Hilary in Baja California and Baja California Sur,” the CFE reported this Sunday afternoon.

Some of the areas affected by power outages in Tijuana include:

Otay La Mesa Pacific Tijuana Beaches


In Mexicali there were also blackouts and damage to the water supply, reported the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar, through her social networks.

“Mexicali and San Felipe register cuts in the supply of electricity. The CFE crews have identified the affectations and are working to restore it. This same cut has caused a decrease in water pressure in different parts of Mexicali, which was will reestablish as soon as the distribution of electrical energy is normalized,” he said.

Meteorologist Ana Cristina Sánchez explains Hilary’s journey now that the eye of the storm has left San Diego County.


The Rosarito City Council reported this Sunday afternoon that at least 65 people were in temporary shelters established by storms in the region.

The shelters in Rosarito are at:

Andrés Luna Sports Unit Grandfather’s House Primo Tapia Santa Anita Module

Several vehicles were trapped underwater on the scenic highway at the height of the Pemex node, reported the Rosarito City Council, which were rescued by personnel from the Urban Development and Services Secretariat.

Local authorities asked residents not to leave their homes to avoid accidents.

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