‘Diablo 4′ open beta infographic released, play time ’61 million’ |

On the 31st, Blizzard Entertainment released an infographic containing the main play records of users during the open beta test period of its new open world action RPG ‘Diablo 4’.

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Photo = Blizzard Entertainment

Within the published infographic, you can check various information such as the total gameplay time of all open beta users, the number of player deaths, and the total number of monsters slain.
Especially eye-catching statistics are two indicators that can measure how many users are interested in this ‘Diablo 4’ beta. The total playing time and the number of users who obtained the ‘Beta Wolf Bag’ represent about 61.5 million hours and 2.6 million users, respectively.
While the content provided during the beta test period was limited to Act 1, the indicator of close to 61.5 million accumulated relatively short play times is interpreted as a well-revealed high global interest in ‘Diablo 4’. In addition, in the case of the beta wolf bag reward, it is given only to those who have developed a character of level 20 or higher during the test period, which also shows that a significant number of gamers are deeply immersed in the game.
In addition, the most selected jobs by users during the beta period were ‘Elemental Sorcerer’ and ‘Necromancer’, proving once again the majesty of popular jobs in the tradition of the series.

Meanwhile, ‘Diablo 4’ is scheduled to be officially released on June 6th through PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. From the open beta test, while clearly showing off the aspect of the expected work, attention is paid to whether the new work will be able to rise to the ranks of hit works representing the year 2023 in June.

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