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Game news Diablo II: A second expansion was well considered

While waiting for the remake of Diablo II, which seems to be in development, to be announced, it is the original title that is talking about him today, 21 years after its release.

Indeed, David Brevik, the former head of Blizzard North, posted on Twitter than a second extension of Diablo II was well considered by Blizzard. However, a few months after starting to work on it, David Brevik and nearly 30 other employees left the studio, which closed in 2005. However, he explains that this second content, which would have succeeded Diablo II : Lord of Destruction, had only been designed and never went into production. By design, he means the creation of a document of several pages, in which we find all the details around new classes, zones, enemies, objects, or even narrative elements. For the future, it is towards Diablo IV that we must turn, and we should know more about her this weekend thanks to BlizzConline, which will open its virtual doors on Friday at 11 p.m. (French time)

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