Dian in Colombia opens call for 1,500 jobs | Economy

The National Civil Service Commission in coordination with The National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) opens a merit contest to provide 1,500 vacant jobs.

Among the positions that will enter the contest 1,410 are for the professional level, 65 technicians and 23 assistance.

Those interested can enter www.cnsc.gov.co and consult the agreements where the rules of the Selection Process are established. To participate, applicants must meet the following general requirements:

Read the agreement and technical annex of the call.

Register in the Support System, for Equality, Merit and Opportunity (SIMO).

Comply with the minimum requirements of the job chosen by the applicant, indicated in the Public Offer of Career Jobs of the Dian.

Accept in full the rules established in the agreements.

Registrations for this merit contest will take place between January 12 and 28, 2021, so it is recommended that those interested enter SIMO and consult the public career employment offer (OPEC), to select the job at the who want to register.


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