Diario Extra – Who pays the stamp of the Bar Association?


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CONSULTATION: Cordial greetings, Lic. Gerardo. As always, thank you very much for maintaining your valuable legal column. I have presented several lease monitoring processes and in none of them have I been asked for the lawyer’s stamps, I did not even know. I have just submitted the last one and the scanned documents have already been delivered to me as received. Not now in the modality of lease payment and not in those of before with the modality of old eviction. In this last order, as it was officially received, is it then considered that these stamps are not necessary? Always have a good time.

ANSWER: The stamp of the Bar Association must be presented in any civil lawsuit, but who must pay them is the sponsoring lawyer, because it is a fee represented by the stamps, which the lawyer does to strengthen his social security system, which was stopped the hand of God many decades ago, that is why there would be a capital to pay the lawyer’s social security.
Unfortunately, the lawyer who fought for compliance with the legality contained in the Stamp Creation Law, the Heredian lawyer, Mr. León Montoya, who died without receiving that aid in his old age, has just died.
It is worth the opportunity to pay tribute to him for his Pyrrhic effort, because the different administrations of the College forgot what the destination of these funds was and they dedicated themselves to constructing lavish buildings and other expenses that left the lawyers with the right to retire “looking for the cypress”.



Tuesday January 12, 2021

TIME: 12:00 AM

CREDITS: Lic. Gerardo Morales



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