Did Benzema receive the ball from the rival?


In the final stretch of the first half of the UEFA Champions League finalthe first shout of goal was given, although this was annulled after four minutes of review.

He had done so much Karim Benzema (42′), when after a horror in the defense of the Liverpoolthe striker of Real Madrid received the ball when it was in an advanced position by being behind Van Dijk and only in front of Robertson when the goalkeeper stands Alisson forward of yours.

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The goal was disallowed immediately after the assistant’s signal, but the WAS He warned and took his time to suspend the decision that was clear from an instant.

Effectively, ‘The cat‘ was offside, but what delayed the review was the fact that the ball came from an opposing player.

The referees analyzed if this was intentional, since it happened through a provocation of Valverde what made that Hendersonon his entry, will deflect the ball towards Benzemabut in the end this was considered accidental so it does not qualify the merengue footballer.

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