Did they abandon her? Granny took refuge in an ATM waiting for her son to pick her up | #LomásTrinado

In the city of La Paz, Bolivia, an 80-year-old woman was discovered sleeping in an ATM. As explained by a local media, the grandmother she was waiting for her son to pick her up.

The Unitel Bolivia media reported that the woman had been sleeping in the ATM for three days, her son, edgar mendoza, apparently works as a taxi driver.

Journalists went to the scene and found the woman dressed in a turquoise blanket and a brown cap.

The grandmother does not speak Spanish, so the journalists had to communicate with her through the Aymara language.

“For three days I have been waiting for my son, I am not going to leave because my son will come to pick me up, I thank God because I slept well in this place”said the woman sleeping in the ATM.

Officials from the Municipal Ombudsman’s Office of La Paz assured that they will take charge of the situation and will transfer the 80-year-old grandmother to a home so that a family member can pick her up.

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