Did Trump’s mother really call him an idiot?

OMF Oh My Fake: Donald Trump, un idiot selon sa mère ? — 20 Minutes – OMF

A mother’s eyes are very indulgence … Really? On the occasion of Mother’s Day in the United States in early May, a post-viral resurfaced, claiming that Donald Trump’s mother, Mary-Anne, had made this tender judgment on her son: “Yes, it is is an idiot who has no common sense or ability to grow in society, but he is my son. And since it was really a party for Donald, the worthy mother added: “I just hope he will never do politics. It would be a disaster. “

Okay, let’s stop the suspense, the quote is more than questionable and there is no evidence that Mary Anne Trump ever made this type of final judgment on her offspring. However, since 2019, this quote has enjoyed unrelenting success. Why do we want to believe so much? Explanations by Clémence in the last issue ofOMF Oh My Fake​.

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