Digital mediation: educational media platform “edutube” starts

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and ORF launched the educational media platform “edutube” on Sunday for the digital transmission of high-quality and education-relevant teaching videos.

AUSTRIA. At the start, “edutube” delivers around 800 journalistically researched, researched short videos, documentaries and magazine articles in public-law quality, which can be used to supplement and support digital teaching.

The offer is available to all teachers and schoolchildren in Austria, it said in a press release, and is available in eight different thematic blocks: Media / Digital, Climate / Environment, Health / Lifestyle, People / Culture, Politics / Europe, History / news, economy / consumption and science / research.

The video contributions were generated from different ORF broadcast formats, in particular from the information and science sector. In addition, “edutube” offers a package of original length documentation, for example from “Newton”, “Dok 1” or “Universum”, as well as numerous productions from the BMBWF inventory. In the course of the year, the educational media platform will be successively expanded with further short videos. The technical implementation of the password-protected VoD platform was carried out by the ORF transmitter technology subsidiary ORS.

Communicate content clearly

“With, together with the ORF, we are creating an additional offer for the digital communication of high-quality and educationally relevant teaching videos. The streaming platform provides short videos that have been reliably researched by journalists and are based on the curriculum requirements. This offer for all Austrian teachers and schoolchildren is intended to help convey content clearly and to improve digital teaching, ”said Education Minister Heinz Faßmann.

ORF Director General Alexander Wrabetz: “In order to support all learners and teachers, but also parents and families, from mid-March the ORF tried with special information and educational programs on radio as well as on television to best address all concerned in this difficult situation support and has continuously expanded its range of programs since then. “

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