Director Paul Haggis released from compulsory detention in Italy

Canadian screenwriter and director Paul HaggisThe Oscar-winner told Reuters that an Italian judge ruled, on Monday, that his client must end the house arrest, while the authorities continue to investigate the charges. rape him a woman.

“The judge agreed to our request to cancel the house arrest without further action, so Mr. Haggis was released,” lawyer Michele Laforgia said, adding that he did not yet know if his client wanted to leave Italy.

Haggis was arrested on June 19 after a British woman accused him of raping her over two days in the southern Italian town of Ostuni, where he was teaching at a film event.

He denied the charges during a preliminary court session in which he met the woman face to face last week. “Paul Haggis explained the facts and what happened, and declared his innocence completely,” LaForgia told reporters after the session.

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LaForgia added that the relationship between his client and the woman was “totally consensual”, and she did not show any signs of injury or violence, as the prosecution claimed.

The 28-year-old woman’s lawyer told reporters at the time that she gave an entirely different version of events during the hearing, repeating her accusations against Haggis.

Haggis, 69, wrote the story for the movie “Million Dollar Baby” and directed and co-wrote the movie “Crash”, for which he won two Oscars.


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