Disappearing Brands: Exploring Popular Brands No Longer Available in Canada

2023-08-25 18:51:21

The pandemic, which has caused major problems in supply chains, has also caused the disappearance of several popular brands previously sold in the country.

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If Friday morning, the Kleenex brand announced that it would disappear from the shelves now, other products have not been available for several months now.

Here are 8 brands that are no longer for sale in the country.

Last February, Nestlé announced the disappearance of three flagship products, namely the Delissio pizza as well as Stouffer’s and Lean Cuisine frozen meals.

The products were expected to drop within six months of the announcement, which is this month (August 2023).

Saying that it does not have a factory in Canada for its frozen meals and pizzas, supply problems could also be in question for Nestlé.

Bagels Bites, a product of Heinz, have not been found on Canadian shelves since 2022.

The brand has never given details on the reasons explaining why the product was discontinued.

When questioned on Twitter, the Bagel Bites account simply replied, “Unfortunately the product line you are looking for has been discontinued.”

Bagel Bites were not made in Canada. Specialized sites suggest that the product may not have been popular enough.

Buggles chips, these little salty corn cones, sold in Canada for decades, were withdrawn from the market in November 2022.

These potato chips made by General Mills, which people loved to put on their fingertips, have been around for 50 years.


Little Swiss rolls and Little Debbie cream oatmeal cookies also disappeared from the shelves in 2022.

The manufacturer of these products, McKee Foods Corp., had explained that its sole distributor in Canada had chosen to end its business relationship for reasons that were not specified.

The company also did not look for a new distributor.

Skippy Peanut Butter has been off grocery store shelves since 2017 in Canada. If its disappearance was not caused by the consequences of the pandemic, some consumers remember this well-known brand well.

It featured a peanut that sat on top of the peanut butter when the jar was opened.

Skippy’s maker, Hormel Foods, says it stopped selling it due to factors like competition and pricing that hurt the brand’s profitability.

On August 11, 2020, the popular Ragù Pasta Sauce announced that it would no longer be sold in Canada.

“We regret to inform you that Ragù has made the difficult decision to exit the Canadian pasta sauce market. We hope you enjoyed the delicious taste of Ragù and are truly sorry for any inconvenience,” the company’s Twitter account wrote.

The company began in the 1930s in Rochester, New York, and opened its first factory in 1946.

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