Disclosure of the release of a Beatles song recorded with artificial intelligence this year

2023-06-13 11:18:37

Disclosure of the release of a Beatles song recorded with artificial intelligence this year

Former Beatles star Paul McCartney expected this year to release a previously unreleased song by his colleague John Lennon, in which the late voice was reproduced using artificial intelligence.

In an interview broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), today, Tuesday, McCartney, who will soon be eighty-one, explained that Lennon’s voice was taken from an old tape to use in recording this new song.

“We came up with what would be the last Beatles record. It was a preliminary John recording that we took off from,” he said, adding, “We just finished it and it comes out this year.”

He explained, “We succeeded in refining John’s voice thanks to the AI ​​to merge the recording.”

It is worth noting that the band’s amateur fans have recently used artificial intelligence techniques to regroup the band members into new songs or to develop previously existing songs.

In a new recording of Paul McCartney’s 2013 song “New”, a fan uses artificial intelligence to modify the singer’s voice to sound youthful. Also, he used it to record a clip with John Lennon’s voice and add it to McCartney’s song.

The same thing was repeated with the song “Grow Old With Me”, which is one of Lennon’s last songs and was released after his death, as it was reproduced by artificial intelligence. The remake has better sound quality than the original, and a chorus reminiscent of the band’s good old days is heard.

The Beatles announced their separation in April 1970, six months before the release of their album “Abbe Road” and a month before the release of their other album, “Let It Be”.

During the ten years prior to the breakup of its contract, the band released 14 albums that topped the music charts, and its records sold more than one billion copies.

Artificial intelligence is booming rapidly, causing major changes in several sectors, including music.


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