Discover Fascinating Facts about Papua New Guinea: Languages, Rainforests, and the Largest Banana Tree in the World

2023-05-23 05:18:46

It is known in the news that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Papua New Guinea as part of his foreign visit. This is the first time that an Indian Prime Minister is visiting this country.

There are many interesting things in Papua New Guinea. One of them is languages. There are 851 languages ​​here. The most prominent of these is Tok Pisin. Located north of Australia and east of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea is rich in dense forests. It also has the largest rainforest after the Amazon and the Congo. The area of ​​this rainforest is 2,88,000 square kilometers. It also has a rare poisonous bird in the world. Its name is Pitohui.

Established in 1873, Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea. More than three and a half lakh people live here. There are over a thousand tribes in Papua New Guinea. There has been human habitation here for more than half a million years. Before independence, Germany, Britain and Australia were the biggest metal deposits here in gold and copper. There are many gold deposits in the area of ​​Tembagapura in Papua New Guinea. The country is located in the Ring of Fire region, which is prone to volcanic eruptions. In the recent past, volcanoes such as Mount Ulaun, Kadovar and Mount Taurvur erupted here.

∙ There is a huge banana here

Musa ingens is the largest banana in the world. Also known as the Highland Banana Tree, it grows in Papua New Guinea. Agronomists say that this banana can grow up to 50 feet tall. It means that it reaches the height of a five-story building. Musa Ingens has the reputation of being the largest plant in the world.

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A single bunch of these bananas can hold up to 300 fruits. Fruits can be up to 12 inches long. The fruit has a yellow flesh similar to that of a banana. It also has brown colored seeds. The taste of this banana fruit is sweet with a hint of sourness. The natives of Papua New Guinea also eat this fruit as a remedy for certain ailments. Parts of the tree are also used to make handicrafts.

Researcher Jeff Daniels discovered this banana in 1989. In Papua New Guinea, it grows in the African mountain range at an altitude of 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level. The characteristics of the environment for growth are very important for this banana. As it grows in rainforests, the same environment is highly desirable for its growth. Therefore, it is difficult to grow it in other conditions. It is also a very old variety of banana. Experts say that this banana has been on earth since the Stone Age.

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