Discover the Vast Galaxy of Starfield: Explore Countless Biomes, Visit 1,000 Planets, and Uncover Epic Space Combat | Launching September 6th for PC and Xbox Series S/X

2023-07-04 23:24:03

We’re exactly two months and a day away from the release of Starfield, a brand new series from Bethesda that lets us explore our galaxy in a way described as “Skyrim.” Now, Bethesda Game Studios has updated the Xbox store page with information about game file sizes. As you might expect, it’s a fairly large piece, requiring no less than 125 gigabytes of storage. This number may grow further with more content and updates. What makes the game so big is the promise of countless biomes, over 1,000 planets to visit, several really big cities to explore, space combat, and more. Starfield also has more than 300 voice actors providing almost as many dialogue lines as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 combined. Starfield launches September 6th for PC and Xbox Series S/X (and is included on Day 1 of Game Pass).thanks game rant
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