Discovering Lozère: A Concert Show on Hospitality, Culture, and the Unique Charm of the Least Populated French Department

2023-08-02 03:05:00

It was at the Château de Saint-Alban on July 28 that the Compagnie du lizard presented its concert show: Lozère… Mission accueil!, in front of an audience of locals, newcomers and holidaymakers, all curious but enthusiastic. An evening attended by Samuel Soulier, the mayor of Saint-Alban.

The theme: La Lozère, a wild land and the least populated department in France, welcomes new arrivals every year. And it is thanks to them if the department gains new inhabitants. Hence the importance of hospitality! Who are they ? Where do they come from ? Why do they choose Lozère to settle?

Lozère… Mission Welcome! is a concert show that came to talk about our territory, its assets, and which gave voice to these newcomers with music, songs from the theatre.

“This show was at the genesis of the project ¨20 years I settle in Lozère¨ which told my story. 15 years later we thought it would be good to do one again with all the data that we has today. The idea: to present Lozère but of course there are the clichés and the small quirks of Lozériens as in all departments. There are always ¨enemy brothers¨ as a Gardois says. here to show it with tenderness, because there have been small but also big squabbles, to make fun of it kindly and also show the unique side of Lozère and the fact that we are the least populated department, the to discover and say look: ¨there are good sides afterwards it’s sure it’s heart stroke where it’s blood stroke ¨ and people either love it or they hate it.”, Considers Sophie Barroul, of the Lizard Company.

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