Discovering the Past: How Cazzu Looked Before Tattoos and Aesthetic Touch-ups

2023-06-11 04:50:47

The international Latin scene discovered in the trapera Shit to a real gem in the last year. The Argentine, a benchmark for the urban genre in her country and throughout the continent, deservedly earned the nickname “Queen of Trap” with her amazing work. As if this were not enough, on a love and sentimental level, the romance between Shit (29) and the Mexican Christian Nodal (24) is something everyone talks about.

However, before dabbling in the trap, Shit He started an alternative path in Argentine cumbia. And the young woman, who today is expecting her first daughter with the reference of the Mexican Regional, looked in a completely different way than the Shit that the world is talking about today. At least that is evident in a 2014 video, when she still sang cumbia, she did not call herself Shit and, of course, she had several traits that differ from who is now the girlfriend of Nodal.

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