Disney Dreamlight Valley: Jack, Christmas… Everything you need to know about the free December 2023 update!

2023-11-26 18:15:00

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During the Gameloft live at the beginning of November 2023, we were able to learn much more about the future of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Thus, we know that December 5 will be a turning point for the game with in particular the end of early access, the release of a very first paid DLC and the arrival of a major free content update. This article is solely dedicated to the latter.

Release date of the last big free update of 2023

Although DDV will not become free-to-play as was originally planned, it will still continue to receive free content updates. Thus, the December 5, 2023, when the game leaves early access and the first paid pack is deployed, a free update will also be downloadable for everyone. If Gameloft keeps its habits, you should be able to play it from 3:00 p.m. However, as this is also the release of the expansion and the final version of the game, it is possible that everything will be unlocked as early as midnight (we will keep you informed).

What new things can we expect?

The free update will notably add:

A new character: Jack Skellington – Cult character of The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack
New objects linked to this animated film by Tim Burton, New Way of the Stars Christmas special with new furniture, Probably huge fixes since the update goes hand in hand with the end of early access, many other new features still unrevealed.

Please note, this free update should not be confused with thepaid extension which will also be available on December 5. It is thanks to the latter (divided into three parts) that you can, for example, meet Rapunzel, Gaston and Eve, and visit new biomes.

Don’t worry, if you don’t want to pay for this DLC, more free updates coming in 2024! For example, this will be an opportunity to discover new kingdoms, such as that of Monsters and Company and probably Mulan, new characters like Tiana or even special events. Gameloft’s main objective will above all be to release the multiplayer mode long awaited by players!

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