Disruptions to drinking water supply in Casablanca, Settat and Berrechid

ONEE Director General Abderrahim El Hafidi gives a statement to the press. Credit: MAP

The drinking water supply of certain districts of the cities of Casablanca, Settat and Berrechid will experience, from Thursday to Friday, disruptions due to the interruption of the supply of the Mediouna reservoir under Lydec, indicated the Office National Electricity and Drinking Water Branch – Water Branch (ONEE).

As part of the supply of drinking water to the southern region of Casablanca from the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah dam wastewater treatment plant, the Atlantic Coast Regional Directorate under ONEE informs its customers that the supply of the Lydec Mediouna reservoir will be interrupted, from Thursday at 8:00 a.m. to Friday at 2:00 a.m., due to the works scheduled to link the installations carried out which will connect the northern and southern regions of Greater Casablanca to the main production channel Douarat-Casablanca, which supplies the city from the Al Massira dam, in coordination with the services of the Lydec company, the Office announced in a press release.

“Following this work, a reduction in pressure which may reach a partial interruption is planned, Friday from midnight to 02:00, at the level of the Lydec distribution network in Sbata, Ain Chock, Ben M’sik Sidi Othman and the Moulay Rachid region which are fed from the Mediouna reservoir”, added the same source.

The supply of water user associations (El Mkansa, Sadaka 2, Acharaka and El Bouirat) in the province of Nouaceur will also be suspended during the same period, the statement said.

This work will also lead, from Friday, to a drop in the flow of drinking water supply to the towns of Settat and Berrechid, which may go as far as partial interruptions at the high points of Berrechid, in particular during the hours of point.

ONEE also wanted to thank all its customers for their understanding, calling on them to rationalize their consumption of drinking water, noted the press release, noting that the Office also informs its customers that its teams are on foot. We are working to take all necessary proactive measures to mitigate these disruptions.

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