“Diverse and opportune movement”: who are the German anti-masks?

“Free thinkers”, conspirators, anti-vaccine activists, far-right sympathizers … Thousands of demonstrators briefly gathered in Berlin to denounce “liberticidal” health measures.

The event only lasted a few hours: the Berlin police had to interrupt, this Saturday, a demonstration of opponents to the wearing of masks in the German capital. “The minimum distance is not respected […], in spite of the repeated requests “, justified the authorities, before dissolving in the beginning of the afternoon a crowd of more than 18,000 people.

Simple curious, followers of conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine activists, far-right sympathizers or “free thinkers” … Thousands of demonstrators had gathered, from 9 am, around the emblematic Brandenburg Gate, to participate in the “Festival of Freedom and Peace”. The goal ? Denounce the health measures put in place by the government against the coronavirus, qualified as “liberticides”.

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