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DJI announced the launch of an updated version of the goggles for the previously launched AVATA UAV that was “born to fly”, mainly integrating the original external battery directly with the rear headband, making it easier for users to wear it, and also updating the goggles. The easy-to-operate crossing rocker accessory.

The new version of the flying glasses is similar in size to the previous version, but it eliminates the trouble of connecting an external battery, which makes the wearing experience easier. At the same time, placing the battery at the rear can also have a better weight balance. In addition, the original touch interface has been changed to Physical buttons are more convenient for users to operate intuitively.

However, the new version of the flying glasses does not have a diopter adjustment function, and there is no wireless projection through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it includes a dot matrix screen, amplified speaker, and 3.5mm headphone jack design. The display part uses two sets of resolutions. It is a 1080P Micro-OLED display panel that supports a 100Hz refresh rate, and has a built-in GPS positioning function.

The image transmission part supports DJI O3+ technology, which can be transmitted within a distance of 10 kilometers at a minimum of 30 milliseconds, and the image transmission rate can reach 50Mbps.

And this synchronous update of the joystick accessory is to further improve the design of the physical joystick, and add a backward function to the trigger button, so that the user can directly let thedroneReverse, instead of having to make a U-turn in the past to achieve the backward operation.

In addition, through the Fn dial on the side of the joystick accessory, you can quickly set the camera shutter, ISO value and other values, without the need to operate through flying glasses.

The new version of flying glasses will be newTaiwan dollarIt is sold at 17,110 yuan, and the new version of the travel joystick accessories is sold at a price of NT$5,820. It is expected to be officially launched on April 12. DJI also announced the launch of the Avata Drone Advanced Kit with the new version of flying glasses and joystick accessories. The suggested price is NT$41,790.

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