DJI’s RS 3 Mini gimbal loses weight for better stabilization

While there are some pretty smart gimbals out there, the packing of features often brings extra weight. Want to leave the weight behind? Dubbed the RS 3 Mini, this pint-sized camera stabilizer allows for one-handed filming without sacrificing functionality.

The DJI RS 3 Mini weighs less than 800g / 1.8lbs on the scale (795g to be exact), so it won’t weigh down your shoot. In fact, it’s 40% lighter than the standard RS 3. Don’t be put off: it can still carry cameras up to 2kg, so won’t limit the camera gear you can attach. DJI is arguing about mirrorless camera support here and has tested the gimbal with the Sony A7S3, Canon EOS R5, and Fuji X-H2S. You should find the RS 3 Mini compatible with most mainstream snappers.

You’ll be able to switch to vertical filming quickly, thanks to DJI’s redesigned quick-release plates. They allow you to easily slide the cameras onto the RS 3 Mini and offer no limitation on the angle of rotation. These TikToks won’t film themselves, after all. Facing you is a 1.4-inch color touchscreen for full control of the RS 3 Mini. There’s also a record button, mode button, and gimbal dial for quicker control.

Said record button supports both wired and wireless shutter control, which extends to zoom control on compatible cameras. You’ll find a NATO port on the side of the gimbal, as well as a mount for additional accessories. DJI estimates that the RS 3 Mini can last 10 hours on a single charge and can recharge in 2.5 hours. And, of course, you can connect to DJI’s Ronin companion app for additional filming functionality.
Are you feeling lively? The RS 3 Mini Gimbal is available for $369 direct from DJI starting today (as we anticipated). A combo pack is also available, which includes the DJI Mic, for $698.

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