DLSS for the majority of future games?

2024-03-13 09:27:44

The Nintendo Switch 2 is eagerly awaited by gamers. Although the console will probably be less powerful than current competing machines, it should still offer some improvements. For example, its games should benefit from NVIDIA’s DLSS technology.

Switch 2 DLSS games

Nintendo can make home consoles technically weaker that competition, it remains one of the most popular manufacturers of the market. There are several reasons for this, particularly with regard to the machines but also the catalog of games offered.

To start, the company relies on machines offering a unique experience. This was the case of the Wii and motion control or even the Switch, a device halfway between a home console and a portable console. Additionally, Nintendo has a solid game library. Certain ultra-popular licenses have also enabled the democratization of the industry as a whole.

As the first Switch of the name begins to show the weight of the years, it is time for the Japanese firm to move on. To say that the Switch 2 is anticipated is an understatement and a presumed launch in 2025 is testing gamers’ patience.

Fortunately, according to the information circulating about it, the console could present some improvements compared to the previous generation. Indeed, if the Switch 2 would not be able to manage DLSS 3.5, the games on the machine could still benefit from NVIDIA technology.

Nintendo is banking on DLSS for Switch 2 games

According to YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, these rumors are gradually being confirmed. The videographer suggests that most games in development for the Nintendo Switch 2 will make use of DLSS. He nevertheless specifies that this will not be not an imposed technology to developers. Indeed, understandably, 2D titles might not require this upscaling technology.

An interesting decision on Nintendo’s part is to switch to an Ampere chip from NVIDIA. The company would ignore an architecture Ada Lovelace more advanced. However, Lovelace features, like efficiency tweaks, have reportedly been added to the Switch 2’s custom chip.

Switch 2 DLSS gamesSwitch 2 DLSS gamesNintendo Switch OLED ©Nintendo

The Switch 2 should use a custom chip Tegra T239, with an 8-core Arm A78C processor. An integrated GeForce GPU based on the architecture of RTX 30 series would also be there. Although less powerful than some other GPUs in this series, it should still be a welcome improvement.

On the other hand, as this is not official information, it is better to take with care. Especially since Nintendo recently refuted some rumors present on the internet. In particular the one on the supposed presentation of the console during Gamescon 2023.

  • New information corroborates the Switch 2’s ability to use DLSS.
  • Most games would be able to integrate NVIDIA technology, apart from 2D games.

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