Do not serve “these three dishes” at the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Eve, adults play cards and mahjong, and children receive red envelopes in a happy and harmonious way. However, while eating good food, one must also pay attention to whether there is any violation of taboos. Folklore expert Liao Dayi reminded that there are three dishes not to be served on New Year’s Eve, otherwise the future may be bad for the whole year, which is quite unsatisfactory.

Liao Dayi said that there are three essential ingredients on the New Year’s Eve table, namely “scallions, garlic, and celery”. Chinese pronunciation)”, used to alert yourself to work hard at all times, not to be casual; plus this year is the year of the rabbit, you can cook carrot dishes at the right time to achieve the grand exhibition of rabbits (pictured).

Liao Dayi also warned that fried squid with peanuts and celery, double-cooked pork and fried salted eggs with bitter gourd are best not served on the table. Although celery is a dish with positive connotations as mentioned in the above paragraph, it is very unlucky to fry squid later, and become FIRE for hard work.

In addition, the new year emphasizes a new atmosphere, removing the old and bringing in the new, but eating twice-cooked pork on New Year’s Eve, fried and fried again and again, which conflicts with the meaning of the New Year; fried salted eggs with bitter gourd are more and more bitter and salty. Not auspicious.

★”China Times News Network” reminds you: Folk legends are for reference only, please do not be overly superstitious.

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