Do politicians have to accept higher moral standards?

2023-10-02 08:00:00

In the six-minute recording he is outraged about women who work part-time, the discussion about child poverty and social partnership. Guardians can’t afford a hot meal for their children? “Do you know what the cheapest hot meal in Austria is? It’s not healthy, but it’s cheap: a hamburger at McDonald’s,” says Nehammer. The video spread like wildfire on social media. The comment columns were heated: he, the Chancellor, was aloof, he had completely lost touch with the reality of people’s lives. The reactions of the political competitors ranged from shaking their heads to bewilderment. On Sunday, Labor Minister Martin Kocher rushed to the aid of his party leader: You have to see what was said in context. It was a speech in a small circle and not in parliament. The Chancellor’s statements were not intended for the public.

But can it actually happen that as a politician you “get angry every now and then” about the situation in Austria, as Kocher defended Nehammer’s statements? Or can citizens expect more from people who hold political office than from others? Vote and join the discussion!


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