“Do you have an eating body?” In just a few hours, ‘again’, a new controversial Supa performer

Controversies surrounding the dancer Rosalind, who is appearing in ‘Street Woman Fighter’, have been raised one after another.

Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (Swoofa)

On the 29th, in an online community, ‘Supa Rosalind dived without returning sponsorship items‘ was posted.

According to the contents, it seems that in the past, Rosaline did not return the items sponsored by a PR agency and did not communicate smoothly. In a video post related to the dance academy class released by Rosaline in June 2019, the PR agency said, “I am commenting because I have not been able to contact you. I have not contacted you in advance and I am requesting to return the product after the deadline.” If there is, please deal with the expenses. Please take care of everything within this week, and we will inform you once again that this is a part that has been informed in advance and that legal processing is possible. Please contact us as soon as possible.”

It is unknown if the PR agency and Rosalind issues have since been resolved. It’s been a long time, but the post and comments are still there.

Below is Rosalind's Instagram
Below is Rosalind’s Instagram

Online community users commented, “Why is it so simple?”, “You’re so good at eating”, “Is it your constitution?”, “I think the official account was serious enough to say that”, “Is life an iron plate?”, “What the hell are you doing?” Hey”, “I thought there was a story behind it”, “It happened a long time ago”, “Why do you keep doing other people’s things…”, “I think diving without contact is my specialty”.

Earlier, Rosalind was caught up in suspicions of ‘stealing the lesson fee’. The suspicion of cheating, which was first raised in another online community this morning, started when Mr. A, who was preparing for the entrance exam through dance, revealed that he did not receive the lesson fee paid for the purpose of the entrance exam.

After deciding on a career in dancing in March of last year, Mr. A contacted Rosaline directly while looking for lessons to prepare for the high school entrance exam. After deciding to start the entrance exam in July, he paid 2.9 million won, including lesson fee, choreography fee for entrance exam work, and practice room rental fee.

However, the lesson did not proceed for over three months even after paying, and a conflict began between Mr. A’s parents and Rosalind. Mr. A claimed that Rosalind did not respond to a request for a refund.


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