Do you know this natural remedy for muscle pain?

2023-09-25 13:40:46

Known since Antiquity, thearnica also called “sneezing grass” or “Alpine plantain” is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family. It is found in mountain pastures. In homeopathic doses, it can cure several pathologies. It is mainly used for the care of minor trauma and muscle aches.

What are the benefits of Arnica Montana?

Coming from a plant rich in analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds, Arnica Montana 9CH granules reduce pain effectively following a blow or shock. But Arnica Montana1 is also a real Swiss army knife in the first aid kit: it is also used to prevent the formation of a bruise or a bump, in the event of small or medium-sized hemorrhages, in the event of fatigue or muscle pain. , when you are hoarse or even in ophthalmology! In addition to these curative uses, Arnica Montana is also sometimes used to prevent pain before major muscular efforts… which makes this medication the ideal ally for treating minor ailments in athletes!

Arnica Montana 9CH: dosage and indication

We take it as quickly as possible as soon as we hurt ourselves, at a rate of 3 granules under the tongue every quarter of an hour until it calms down. We also take it to prevent aches (3 granules to take just before and just after exercise) or to make them disappear. In the latter case, it is better to opt for a gel (Gel Arnica, Lehning), a roller (Roll-on Massage, So’Bio Étic) or a massage oil (Arnica, Weleda), in order to cover a larger area.

There are only a few contraindication to taking Arnica Montana 9CH granules. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is still better to seek the advice of a health professional. As for other forms of Arnica, we are wary of the mother tincture of Arnica Montana which can cause allergies and should under no circumstances be applied directly to a wound!

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Arnica Montana in cases of psychological trauma

If the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the use “traditional” of arnica “as a local treatment for pain andinflammation caused by minor injuries and accidents (bruises, hematomas)”1l’Arnica Montana is also very effective in cases of psychological trauma, when you have just heard very bad news or your legs have been cut off after an accident, for example. Dosage wise? In case of emotional or moral shock, we take 2 granules every quarter of an hour until it subsides a little, then 3 times a day. Result ? The body should be able to recover faster!


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