Do you remember the naughty child Ahmed El-Sisi, whom Nancy Ajram loved, the star of (The Voice Kids). Watch how he changed his shape and grew up after a long absence! Video

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The talented child Ahmed El-Sisi, the star of The Voice Kids Studio, lit the “Every Day” program presented by the media, Basma Wahba, on the ON screen, with the song, “There is no color, this is with us,” and all I say is repentance to Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez.

The talented child, Ahmed El-Sisi, confirmed his great admiration for the artist Ahmed Adawiya, noting that he had met him before and was very impressed with his voice. The media, Basma Wahba, hosted, on the “ON” screen, three children with singing talents,

Among the heroes of “The Voice Kids”, they are Ashraqa Ahmed, Juwayriyah Hamdy, and the talented singer Ahmed El-Sisi. The girl also sang “The Biography of Love” by Umm Kulthum, confirming her great admiration for Umm Kulthum and her influence on her songs. The media, Basma Wahba, had documented the moment the Jet Ski collided,

She was riding in the sea, with the star Asala, on the rocks, and Basma commented on the video, saying: “Asala and I had a major accident, and thanks to God, we miraculously escaped death. We hit the rocks and I threw my head on the rock and lost consciousness and fell to the bottom,

And his authenticity, despite its occurrence, was determined to hit the waves and falter and call for someone to save me. I got up and found myself in a boat of good people and confused around each one trying to save me from the water that entered my body while I was unconscious, and from the pulse, heartbeat and blood that was emerging from the wounds in my leg. Thank you, my love, Lord O Most Merciful, Most Merciful to Your servants.

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