Doctor Guillermo Borjas wins the National Surgery Award for the Nissen–Sleeve technique

The specialist in bariatric and metabolic surgery, William Borgias, and its international unity were recognized with the Dr. Ricardo Baquero Award González during the celebration of XXXV Venezuelan Congress of Surgery. This distinction was obtained for the description of the Nissen-Sleeve procedure for reduced ports assisted by magnets.

Borjas told Final Version that it is an honor to have received this distinction, “because It is the most important award from the area of ​​surgery that can be given within Venezuela”.

“Without a doubt, it is the highest honor that can be given to a surgeon,” confirmed the doctor, who is recognized as an eminence in bariatric surgery in Venezuela.

The surgeon explained that the Nissen-Sleeve procedure is a technique with which seeks to improve the problems of the gastric sleeve which are what normally cause gastroesophageal reflux.

“With the combination of these two techniques (gastric sleeve and Nissen) we managed to make the patient lose weight and prevent operative reflux (…) We perform this technique under a reduced port, which is the use of smaller-caliber forceps, of smaller footage, and magnet assistance, the most innovative thing that is being done in the procedure”, he emphasized.

After receiving the award, Borjas dedicated the award to his father, Guillermo Borjas Tigrera the surgeon who provided him with unique tools for his training and professional growth.

“My dad unfortunately passed away and this was a very important congress for him. He took me every year since I am a medical student, we shared the events and we always carried out research work”, the specialist commemorated.

He added that unfortunately together they could not earn the mention and for this reason, now that he achieved it, I dedicate it to the memory and work of his father. “My dad was a fundamental pillar in my formation, since he was also a recognized surgeon and also a professor at the University of Zulia of the Cabimas nucleus. I grew up next to him and learned a lot, “he said.

Borjas also paid tribute to Zulia for this award. “For me it is very important to bring this award to our state. Despite all the vicissitudes that we have from the economic and structural point of view, important things can still be done that have a favorable impact on new surgical techniques or procedures that help the development of bariatric surgery in the country”, he stressed.

According to the doctor, who has received at least five national and international recognitions, the evolution of the profession has great significance in Zulia. He highlighted the importance of the technical aspects of surgeons and the improvement of the technical quality of the equipment they use.

“Zulia is the state with the highest rate of obesity in the country and the highest morbidity associated with obesity, such as hypertension and diabetes. Bariatric surgery becomes a very important solution to fight morbid obesity, the greater preparation and knowledge of the area will affect the success of this type of procedure in the region”, he pointed out.

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