Doctor Smirnova told how long a person can live if the liver fails

When liver problems occur, the entire body suffers without exception. Often, damage to the organ for a long time is not manifested by complaints. But if the liver works “at the limit”, then the doctor will note pallor and yellowness of the skin, eyes, changeable mood, loss of appetite, memory, constant fatigue, decreased libido, bleeding gums, and much more.

Therefore, the body requires care – our ancestors wrote about this. Many ancient people put the liver even higher than the heart, considering it to be the seat of the soul. And people who had a bad, vicious character were called “bilious”, because the secret produced by the liver – bile, has an unpleasant bitter taste. Together with gastroenterologist Elizaveta Smirnova, we have collected interesting and little-known facts about this unique organ.

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