Does Andrés Wiese return to ‘AFHS’?: Erick Elera publishes a video that would indicate the return of Nicolás de las Casas to Al Fondo Hay Sitio VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

The series ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ left its audience surprised with the return of Claudia Plains, who was a real unexpected surprise. Everything seems to indicate that the production still has the return of other characters.

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Nicolás de las Casas could also make his return in the next few episodes. As seen in a video posted by Erick Elera, which shows a person dressed as the popular “Ricolás” did.

In the clip you can see a young man with the build of Andres Wiese, at Francesca Maldini’s house, Macarena Montalbán also appears in the video.

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“We are recording. There’s a big surprise.”, is heard say to Erick Elerawho focuses on the unknown actor from head to toe without revealing his face.

Users believe in the return of Nicolás de las Casas

These rumors have grown on social networks, because Elera makes the peculiar cry that she makes every time she meets the character. The clip has surprised thousands of followers.

“It would be great to see the handsome and most handsome together again”, “Cross your fingers that it’s Nicolás”, “If it’s Andrés Wiese, I’ll die”, “Don’t get my hopes up for the pure ones”, “It would be everything if it’s Nicolás” , “Will he come back with Grace?”, “Oh, I hope it’s him”, “I’m excited”are some messages from users.

Andrés Wiese has not confirmed his arrival in the series, but he has not been oblivious to participating on some occasion in ‘Al fondo hay sitio’.

TROME – Nicolás could return


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